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About QSAP

August 2021, Hundreds of Afghanistan’s leading university students suddenly find themselves unable to continue their education. Their world is overturned, their future thrown in doubt. Against the odds, a remarkable coalition of NGOs, universities, and governments come together to help these refugee students.

Our Students

QSAP is more than a scholarship. It is a path to new educational opportunities and support for Afghan students to prosper and build new futures. QSAP students are remarkable individuals transforming their lives and the communities around them.

QSAP Partners

In 2021, Afghan university students were evacuated through the efforts of the Afghan Future Fund (AFF) and the Government of Qatar, supported by a dedicated group of NGOs and higher education institutions.


Hekmatullah Haidery, at American University of Iraq, Sulaimani


Qatar Scholarship for Afghans Project (QSAP) Welcomes Nearly 100 New Refugee Students To U.S. College Campuses


The QSAP program enables Afghan refugee and displaced students to continue their educational journeys in the United States.

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Our Partners

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